My name is Kinga and I am passionate about communication and science.

I deeply believe that the beauty of science is like a universal language, understandable to all people regardless of their age, education, culture or political affiliation, if only properly explained.

You’re here, so you probably are intersted in science communication and want to know something about Simple #SciComm and what I’m doing.

For over 20 years of my professional career I’ve been working in information, communication and marketing.

Over 15 of those years I’ve spent providing policy-makers on national and European level with support they need throughout the legislative process.

I have a master’s degree in law and got two post-graduate diplomas in common market economics and information brokering.

This particular combination gave me a unique perspective on science communication to policy-makers and made my professional experience an ever exciting process.

Simple #scicomm is a place where I try to put together some of what I’ve learnt so far as I hope it could be of interest to other #scicomm lovers as myself.

Feel free to share your own experience in #scicomm and let’s engage in a conversation!